The Centre is a research unit affiliated to the Office of Research and Development. It has been established in September 1998. In March 1999, the Centre opened an organisational office in Oxford, UK.

Many developments since the end of the Cold War have been described either as cultural conflicts or as conflicts that imply a cultural dimension. Doing so, scholars and analysts had to draw from discourses on culture as developed by the humanities within the last two hundred years or so. The building blocks of these discourses, however, were formed under condition radically different from the present situation. This indicates a serious methodological problem. If contemporary conflicts do have a cultural dimension, describing these conflicts in terms of discourses on culture developed as responses to situations gone by will not lead very far. Such a procedure could even be misleading and V if translated into self-descriptions V produce new conflicts. What is required instead is the definition and construction of a discourse on culture that explicitly responds to conditions as they emerge in a rapidly globalising world. Contributing to this task defines the overall research focus of the Centre.

The CSGCD and the Silence of Words

Security Issues and the Term Culture

Historical Lag of Prevailing Discourses on Culture

The New Task of the Humanities

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