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Dear friends and colleagues,


The year 2002 is coming to an end. “Einen guten Rutsch”, as we say in German, to all of you! And a few announcements for the second week of 2003. A bit crowded, but still. Please do take part if at all possible.



Thomas Pogge

Columbia University, presently visiting scholar at All Soul’s College, Oxford

via video-link to Oxford

See http://www.columbia.edu/~tp6/

And http://www.columbia.edu/cu/philosophy/deptinfo/text/pogge.html


Those of you who were present at the first video colloquium know him already. More or less by accident, he was there as a commentator or second speaker. This time, he will be the main speaker. We will discuss with him his new book:


World Poverty and Human Rights: Cosmopolitan Responsibilities and Reforms (Cambridge: Polity Press 2002). Contents: Human Flourishing and Universal Justice, How Should Human Rights be Conceived?, Loopholes in Moralities, Moral Universalism and Global Economic Justice, The Bounds of Nationalism, Achieving Democracy, Cosmopolitanism and Sovereignty, Eradicating Systemic Poverty: Brief for a Global Resources Dividend.


Tuesday, January 7, 19.00-21.00, T 701

A meeting to prepare the discussion. Herbert Hanreich will present some major points of the book. I will do so as well. Following this, we can already begin a discussion and get ready for the video-colloquium


Wednesday, January 8, 18.00-20.00, I 501 (same room as last time, take side entrance of the library)

Video-colloquium with Thomas Pogge.




Forum2000, Prague See http://www.forum2000.cz/text_forum2000.html

Most of you will probably know this institution. It has been founded by V. Havel, president of the Czech Republic. Our centre has the honor of hosting two meetings in cooperation with the Forum2000 on our campus. Two members of the forum will be our guests.


Mr. Jiri Pehe See http://www.pehe.cz/CVe.html

Mr. Tomas Halik

Mr Halik is one of the candidates that could follow V. Havel as president of the Czech Republic in the coming year. See:




Friday, January 10, 9.15-12.30, T 701

Colloquium on

The Czech Republic and the EU


Saturday, January 11, 9.30-18.30 (Location will be announced)

Conference on

Civil Society and Democracy in Periods of Political Transition - Observations from the Czech Republic and Taiwan


Mr. Jiri Pehe (Forum 2000, Prague)

Mr. Michael Hsiao (Academica Sinica, Taipei

Mr. Tomas Halik (Forum 2000, Prague)

Mr. Chong-Hua Ku (Chengche University, Taipei)



Please forward this announcement to as many interested colleagues and friends as possible. All the best for the coming year,