Final Exam

Format: The exam will include two parts. In a first part, only dictionaries are allowed. Computers will remain switched off. In the second part, the use of computers in addition to dictionaries is allowed.


Part I

The first thirty minutes of the exam
Computers remain switched off
Dictionary allowed


  • General knowledge on the history, geography and culture of Africa. See links on the page Africa on this web site.

  • You should be able to comment on  key concepts concerning  other topics we discussed in the second part of the term, among them: 

    Nato, Cold War, World Bank, IMF, Monetary Systems, Oil Crisis, Bubble Economy, Rio Conference, Kyoto Process, Oslo Agreement, Iron Wall Policy

Answer sheets used for this first part will be collected after thirty minutes. Then computers can be switched on.


Part II

Research question. You should be able to comment on current events on the basis of a brief background research.