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Year Month Day Contents
20030107 Herbert Hanreich

Tuesday, 19.00-21.00, T 701

A meeting to prepare the discussion - Herbert Hanreich will present some major points of Thomas Pogge's book

20030108 Thomas Pogge

Wednesday, 18.00-20.00, I 501

Video-conferencing between Oxford and the Tamsui campus - "World Poverty and Human Rights: Cosmopolitan Responsibilities and Reforms"

20030110 Mr. Jiri Pehe
Mr. Tomas Halik

Friday, 9.15-12.30, T 701

The Czech Republic and the EU

20030111 Mr. Jiri Pehe (Forum 2000, Prague)
Mr. Michael Hsiao (Academia Sinica, Taipei)
Mr. Tomas Halik (Forum 2000, Prague)
Mr. Chong-Hua Ku (Chengchi University, Taipei)

Saturday, 9.30-18.30

Civil Society and Democracy in Periods of Political Transition - Observations from the Czech Republic and Taiwan



Year Month Day Contents
20020202 Fifth Oxford Colloquium: "Concepts of Law in China, Islam and the Indo-European Tradition"
20020318 Lecture Holger Hoeke: "Relations between Phenomena and Concepts"
20020412 Lecture Herbert Hanreich: "Concepts of Nature and Their Critical Impact in the Age of Reason. From Descartes via Spinoza to Kant"
20020419 Lecture Charles Shuttleworth: "Personal Encounters with Magic, Superstition, Myths and Strange Practices in Asia"
20020428-0501 Peter Baker, Hertford College, Oxford University, visiting our centre at the Tamsui campus
20020601 Prague Colloquium: "Processes of Globalisation – Aspects of their Dynamics"
20020908 Colloquium on "Cultural Identity" at our office in Oxford
20021016 Video-conferencing between Oxford and the Tamsui campus - "Globalisation and the Future of the Welfare State" (for more details)
20021211 Video-conferencing between Oxford and the Tamsui campus - "The University. What is it? Where does it come from? Where does it go?" (for more details)
20021226 Lecture Vassili Kryukov "The Germans: the Image of 'the Other' in the Works of Dostoyevsky and Gogol"



Year Month Day Contents
2001 "The Power of Differences - Contributions to the Hermeneutics of Culture" published in Germany. The volume collects papers discussed at the colloquia and internet-conferences organised in cooperation with Hagen University.
20010501 Colloquium at the Tamsui Campus: "Intellectual Intuition" Speakers:  Nicholas Bunnin, Oxford;  Joel Thoraval, Paris/Tokyo
20010501 Round-table on "Different Educational Systems". Participants: N. Bunnin, J. Thoraval, G. Boileau, V. Maliavin, R. Duessel
20010508 Lecture Julian Baldick: "The Qur'an's Shorter Chapters: Lyricism and Simplicity"
20010510 Lecture Julian Baldick: "The Qur'an's Medium-Length Chapters: Development and Structure"
20010519 Lecture Reinhard Duessel: "European Social Thought"
20010511 Lecture Julian Baldick: "The Qur'an's Longer Chapters: Narrative and Legislation"
20010608 Presentation of the volume "The Power of Differences"
20011031 Colloquium at the Tamsui Campus: "Conflict of Civilizations: Myth or Reality?"
20011227 Colloquium at the Tamsui Campus: "A discussion of Aristotle's Book ON THE SOUL (DE ANIMA)"



Year Month Day Contents
20000226 Second Oxford Colloquium: "Chinese Accounts of Change: Beyond Comparative Philosophy". One of the speakers Prof. J. Fleming from Tamkang
20000419 Lecture Tsai Shu-ling: "Kristeva's Chora in Light of Blanchot's Impossible"
20000425 Lecture David Cornberg: "Self, Same, Similar, Equal: An Understanding of Culture Difference"
20000503 Lecture David Clark: "Blue Eye Japanese"
20000511 Lecture Vladimir Maliavin in Oxford: "A Re-evaluation of Hsiung Shili's Theory of Knowledge"
20000513 Third Oxford Colloquium: "Harmony". One of the speakers Vladimir Maliavin from Tamkang
20000515 Lecture Vladimir Maliavin at the Oxford office of the centre: "The Making of the Russian Idea - Old Controversies and New Ideas"
20000518 Lecture Reinhard Duessel in Oxford: "Reflections on Mou Tsung-san"
20000531 Lecture Gilles Boileau: "Mind and Matter"
20000616 Colloquium at the Tamsui Campus: "Reflections on Sacrifice"
20000703 Lecture Wang Keping (Beijing) at the Oxford office of the centre: "Cultural Aspects of Modernization in Mainland China"
20000926 Lecture Geert Edel: "The Concept of Nature in Western Intellectual History: An Overview"
20001013 Colloquium at the Tamsui Campus: "Reflections on Concept of Nature"
20001111 Fourth Oxford Colloquium: "Rectification of Names in the Chinese and in the Western Tradition" flections on the Philosophy of Language in China"
20001207 Lecture Stephen H. Riggins: "The Discourse of Othering in Print Media: Samples from The New York Times"
20001226 Presentation Chen Tseh-chou: "Kafka's Self and World: A Reading of The Trial"



Year Month Day Contents
19990301 Office in Oxford established
199904 New office at the Tamsui campus
19990411-25 Junior scholar Ted Chen from Tamkang visiting to Germany
19990511-0601 Dr. Geert Edel, University of Bonn and Hagen University, visiting the centre in Taiwan
19990526 Lecture Geert Edel: "Neo-Kantianism as a Theory of Culture"
19990604 Lecture Ted Chen: "Gardens of Forking Paths: Cultures of Gardening & Gardening of Culture"
19990611 Lecture Gilles Boileau: "Comparatism and Anthropology"
19990911-25 German scholar Renate Solbach visiting the centre in Taiwan
19990911 Lecture Renate Solbach: "Persecution & Art of Writing: Hermann Broch & Arthur Koestler"
19991012 Lecture Vladimir Maliavin: "Symbolism and Consciousness: A New Look at Comparative Cultural Studies"
19991018-1105 Second Internet Conference in Cooperation with Hagen University: "What is Cultural Difference?"
19991106 1st Oxford Colloquium, organised in Oxford in cooperation with the Philosophy Project at the Centre for Chinese Studies of Oxford University: "Beyond Comparative Philosophy: Self and Finitude"
19991114-27 Ted Chen visiting Germany
19991120-21 Second Colloquium organised in cooperation with Hagen University: "What is Cultural Difference?"
19991222 Lecture Yu Tsong-chi: "Life world and Cultural Difference - Perspectives of Husserl and Schutz"
19991224 Lecture Ted Chen: "When Medusa Meets Hitler"



Year Month Day Contents
199809 Centre established
19981019-1106 First Internet Conference organised in Cooperation with Hagen University (Germany): "Hermeneutics of Persecution"
19981121-22 First Colloquium organised in cooperation with Hagen University: "Hermeneutics of Persecution"


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